Thursday, February 12, 2009

History Of Hajar

1st time i saw her..
in our theater plays at DP...
memang nampak die sepintas lalu jer...
being winder whos that girl..
never think about being friends with her..
sebb die member kak anis..

but who knows after that...
we being close forever like,
we have know each other for,
years and years..
x siape sangke a short meeting,
can be a long relation..
now it becomes a long dinstance relationshp..

dont think we didnt cry cox we happy
dont think we are happy cox u r gone..
even u r gone to Aussie..
doesnt mean u will be forgotten..

no one is speacial like u..
bcox no one can be better like u..
there is only one place for u in me...
place that none of people can take ur out from my heart...
bcox in that place..
it is only for u..

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