Sunday, December 28, 2008

KL SentraL

Hhhmmm KL Sentral..
really a nice place to...
hhmm SLEEP!
but 1st i went to the McD 1st..
coz i was so Fukcing Damn Hungry!
just bought a pie n Millo Ice
but still it is really bored!!
i sleep at McD like for 3hours....

after that, i try to find shower room...
time to get shower!!!
by the time i stand infront of the shower room...
Closed for the Weekend..
Owh Yeah!! Its SUNDAY!

so i just wait my friend to come and fetch me at the waitng chairs...
n i saw someone that i really know well..
she's my cousin...
n she was doing somethng!!
somethng that i dunt really think she capble of doing that :P
no worries..
for me its normal..
so ur secrete safe with me dear..
for now!! :P

my friend come n fetch me at 1o'cloack!!!
this fellow really gave me an headache!!
lucky he is my friend thou...
thanks :P

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